I am so grateful to have received benefit from hypnotherapy sessions with Christine. Having had a shoulder surgery that failed I was anxious after my second surgery that something might go wrong again. I was taking care of myself physically following the surgery, but I feel the opportunity to work with Christine on a more subtle level was crucial in my healing. Christine was an interested and attentive listener in finding out who I was and what emotions I was experiencing regarding my shoulder. She encouraged me to create intentions for our sessions by helping me to identify the main concerns and obstacles I was facing. She had me consider places and spaces that were sacred and joyous to me, and in concert with detailed imagery she would guide me through a guided visualization, an experience that soothed my fears, relaxed my spirit and offered useful tools of imagery that I could call upon when concerns cropped up in my healing process. I can still hear her soothing voice, and will never forget the visualizations that were instrumental in seeing myself to fullness of health and well-being

Hooda L. , Hawaii


Christine allowed me to manage a coping mechanism I had developed from a young age to deal with stress, sadness, anger, or any negative emotions for that matter. Through her listening, her patience, her compassion, and caring, she guided me to be fully aware of my habit and find a way out. Today, th

at habit is something of the past. It’s not me anymore. Christine’s zest for life resonated with me and made the sessions very enjoyable.

Caroline G. , San Francisco


During my treatments for breast cancer (three surgeries and chemotherapy), Christine’s work was an invaluable, saving grace. She helped me to visualize my healing, to focus on my restoring my strength and guide me towards the best possible outcome for my recovery. Her sessions left me with
a deep sense of calm and renewed confidence in my body and it’s ability to to heal. Additionally, with her guidance I was able to manage the pain and did not need to rely on the painkillers I was prescribed. Working with Christine completely changed the way I approached my cancer and treatments; rather than focusing on the fear and pain, she taught me to focus on the beauty and wonder of the body’s ability to restore itself. I can not thank Christine enough for the vital support she offered during such a frightening and painful time for me. 

Christine L. , Hawaii