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What are hypnosis and guided hypnosis?

  • Hypnosis is a natural state of being, defined between being awake and being asleep and characterized by a deep relaxation and an intense focus.

  • Guided Hypnosis is the technique to get to this state.

What will happen during a session?

There are two possible modalities; in the first you are in my studio in Mill Valley, in the other, you are on a zoom call in the comfort of your home.

In both cases, the process of the session is the same.

You start by closing your eyes and connecting to your breath. You have my voice as your guide. It leads you, with specific tools, to an extremely relaxed state. From this deep state of relaxation, you access a connection to your body, to your emotions, to your deepest being. Through images, sensations, you communicate with this area of ​​yourself, the unconscious mind, which manifests the information you are looking for. Rather than feeling "hypnotized", you will likely feel a state of inner peace, release of tension, and change of perception. Each experience is different for everyone, depending on your sensitivity as well as your intention, but in each session, something helpful will manifest.

How does it work?

  • The exact process of hypnosis still remains a mystery but recent research reveals that when images are manifesting, the brain is being activated in the same way than during a sensory experience, and with the same intensity. This is why, under hypnosis, when you imagine biting a lemon, you start to salivate.

  • Under hypnosis, our defense system is at rest, allowing a new positive conception of our environment or our sense of self.

  • The plasticity of the brain under hypnosis plus the important suggestibility of the mind, are conditions for deeply transforming experiences. From the safety of your couch, you can get to experience the change you want in your life. Change becomes a familiar experience associated with confidence and trust that you can make happen in your life.

How many sessions will I need?

Many factors come into play in therapy . Each situation must be considered in its specificity. For some people and in some cases, hypnosis can unlock a situation quickly, for others more complex, the process will unfold in alonger process.  The free preliminary phone call will allow you to have an idea of the plan.

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