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About Christine Col

Hi, I am Christine,

I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 2019. I work with adults and children, in my studio in Mill Valley or over the phone. I discovered hypnotherapy 15 years ago to prepare for the natural birth of my children. I originally was looking for support with the pain but the journey took me so much further than expected. 

Hypnotherapy connected me to inner wisdom, inner peace. A place where things feel right and safe. A place to heal and repair. Along with self love and acceptance, hypnotherapy also brought me to a place of connection with the world and the people.


I am now honored to be able to guide others towards this exciting path.


About Hypnosis

The therapeutic benefits of hypnosis occur by the combination of deep relaxation and intense focus.

Scientific imagery scanned during an hypnotic experience shows the same brain activity than during a real experience. If you smell a rose under hypnosis, your brain will experience the same activity that if you smell it from your nose.

For this reason, the hypnotic state is a safe place to experience healing and change.

It is also a great place to practice any accomplishment you want to achieve.

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