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Hypnosis Script for calm and inner peace

The feather of light for calm and peace

Take a nice deep breath, and when you are ready, close your eyes.

And you start relaxing deeply.

Just think about relaxing every muscle in your body from the top of your head to the tips of your toes.

And notice how very comfortable your body is beginning to feel.

You are supported, so you can just let go of any tension.

Notice your breathing; notice the rhythm of your breathing .

Take a slow slow breath in,

And a slow breath out,

And again,

And as you exhale, release any tension,

any stress from any part of your body, mind, and your thoughts;

just let that stress go.

And begin with letting all the muscles in your face relax,

especially your jaw;

let your teeth part just a little

This is a place where tension and stress gather so be sure to relax your jaw,

and feel that relaxation go into your temples and the muscles in your temples,

Again a slow breath in and a long a deep breath out,

And notice how you are drifting and floating into a deeper and deeper level of total relaxation.

You will continue to relax and now let all of the muscles in your forehead relax.

Feel those muscles smooth, and rest your eyes.

Just imagine your eyelids feeling so comfortable, so heavy, so heavy, so relaxed,

and now let all of the muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders relax, feel a heavy, heavy, weight being lifted off your shoulders and you feel relieved, lighter and more relaxed.

Imagine a backpack on your shoulders,

Filled up with all the stress you had lately,

Filled up with all the tension,

It is heavy on your back,

And now you drop it,

Drop your backpack,

And all of the muscles in the back of your neck and shoulders relax,

Your shoulders feel light and free,

and feel that soothing lightness go down your back, down, down, down,

to the lower part of your back, and any remaining tension will go away with the next exhale.

Take a Inhale in just feel your body drifting, floating, down deeper, down deeper, down deeper into total relaxation.

Let your muscles go, relaxing more and more.

Let all of the muscles in your shoulders and all of the muscles running down your arms to your fingertips, relax.

And let your arms feel so heavy, so heavy, so comfortable, so relaxed.

You may have tingling in your fingertips. That's perfectly fine. You may have warmth in the palms of your hands, and that's fine.

And you may feel that you can barely lift your arms, they are so relaxed, they are so heavy, so heavy, so relaxed.

And now inhale once again and relax your chest muscles.

And now as you exhale, feel your stomach muscles relax.

As you exhale, relax all of the muscles in your stomach, let them go, and all of the muscles in your legs, feel them relax and all the muscles in your legs, so completely relaxed right to the tips of your toes.

Notice how very comfortable your body feels, just drifting, floating, deeper, deeper, deeper relaxed.

And as you are relaxing deeper and deeper. Imagine standing at the top of a staircase, there are ten steps, and the steps lead you to a special and peaceful and beautiful place.

In a moment you can begin to imagine taking safe, gentle and easy steps down, down, down on the staircase, leading you to a very peaceful place.

In a moment I'm going to count backwards from ten to one and you can imagine taking the steps down and as you take each each step, feel your body relax, more and more, feel it just

drift down, down each step, and relax even deeper, ten, relax even deeper, nine ... eight... seven... six ... five,

deeper, deeper, deeper, relaxed.

And now imagine a peaceful and special place.

You can imagine this special place and perhaps you can even feel it.

You can feel the pure air of this place on your arms, on your face

You feel you are breathing this pure and fresh air,

You are in sliding down and it's very peaceful,

... four... three... two... one ...

You are in a peaceful place.

It is very quiet, the light is soft and warm around you.

You are standing on a trail, a large, safe trail.

There are beautiful trees all around you, strong, large trees, evergreens, pines, and oaks.

It smells so fresh, the air is pure. You are breathing the scent of pine cones.

It feels so good in your sinus. You are able to breathe better in this forest.

The pure air, the scent of the pines. It opens your lungs.

Your breathing is deeper, larger. You feel lighter and lighter.

And you feel so good in this forest.

You hear some birds in the trees, you hear slight movements of the wings of the birds flying.

Now you are walking towards a tree.

A beautiful tree, large with strong branches.

You are looking at the bark,at the pattern, at the texture.

You are touching the bark with your hands. You feel the life of the tree under your fingers, under your palm.

You feel the need to rest under this tree.

You find a soft, invited area, and you put a comfortable blanket on the floor.

You lay down and notice how comfortable you are.

It is a perfect day. It is the perfect temperature,

It's warm with a slight breeze.

The sun is going through the leaves.

You are laying down, facing the branches,

Looking at the rays of light playing through the leaves.

It is beautiful all around you,

The rays of lights coming through the leaves,

The subtle movements on the leaves in the breeze,

The different shades of greens,

yellow green, and dark greens in the shadows.

And the sky in between,

You hear the sound of the leaves gently moving in the air,

It is soothing, it's beautiful, playful.

You are looking at the lights in between the leaves,

And the more the light goes through the leaves,

the more you're drafting and floating into light yourself.

And now imagine,

light is going through you

It feels like a caress on your body,

As if light was going through the leaves

As it was capable of going through your body,

Feel a caress of light on your front head,

And now feel a caress of light inside your head,

As if a feather of light was touching your brain

Going doing you spine

Down your nervous system

Bringing light in the deeper areas of yourself,

Imagine this feather of light,

Bringing light in your organs,

Touching your lungs,


It feels warm and soft,

And now imagine this feather of light caressing your your stomach,

Helping digestion,

It's soft and warm

And now two feathers of light onto your kidneys,

And now feel the caress of light on your liver,

And now on your heart,

A soft caress of light on your heart

And now imagine this feather of light going through your eyes brwons

Imagine the caress in between your eyes

It feels so relaxing,

So soft,


You can feel the tingling of light in your tissues.

And take a moment to feel the peace in you.

A deep sense of peace

And well-being

And this feeling is available to you

long after this session is completed,

for the rest of this day and evening,

For the following days,

Allow these positive feelings of inner peace to grow stronger and stronger,

feeling at peace with a sense of well-being,

and each and every time you choose to do this kind of relaxation

you relax deeper and deeper.

Enjoy this inner peace for another moment

and then I will begin to count from one to ten and as I count you can begin coming back to full consciousness, alert and relaxed. 1...2...3...4...5... 6. 7. 8...9..taking

a nice deep breath and beginning to open your eyes, and 10, coming all the way up, all the way back, feeling comfortable and great.


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