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Guided Hypnosis: Definition and process

What are Hypnosis and guided Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is a natural state of being, defined between being awake and being asleep and characterized by a deep relaxation and an intense focus.

Guided Hypnosis is the technique to get to this state.

What are the applications of this technique?

There are plenty. Therapeutic applications, as well as self-development or sport accomplishment. Clinics, hospitals, dentists, private healing practices, as well as entrepreneurs and athletes have been using this technique effectively.

How does it work?

Hypnosis uses two natural abilities to human beings:

-Going into a trance state. A natural state of opening of the conscience

-And Imagination.

While under hypnosis, the person engaging its imagination is living an experience as intense as in reality.

Recent EGG research on the brain reveals that when our body is at rest in a safe place, and our mind is engaged, either by a practitioner or by self-suggestion, into an imaginary experience, the brain activity is activated in the same areas and with the same intensity than during a sensorial experience.

It is fascinating to know that when we imagine smelling a rose under hypnosis, it is the same part of the brain that is activated, than when smelling the fragrance of the rose through our nose. Neural pathways are generated in the brain in the same way that it would, during a sensorial experience.

The power of Hypnosis is nested in the fact that, from the comfort of our couch, we can safely build the neural shortcuts we need to become familiar with a feeling or a situation we want to experience in real life. Hypnosis is a great place to start any change we want to create in our lives, because the change is then experienced as familiar, unintimidating, accessible.

It all starts with having a dream, with imagination. Every invention, every production, starts with imagination. Hypnosis is a great and accessible way to connect to our source of creation, heal our past and shine our light on this world.


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