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Hello, I am Christine,

I have been a certified hypnotherapist since 2019. I work with adults and children, in my studio in Corte Madera, Mill Valley or over the phone. I discovered hypnotherapy 15 years ago to prepare for the natural birth of my children. I originally was looking for support with the pain but the journey took me so much further than expected. 


Hypnotherapy connected me to inner wisdom, inner peace. A place where things feel right and safe. A place to heal and repair. Along with self love and acceptance, hypnotherapy also brought me to a place of connection with the world and the people.

I am now honored to be able to guide others towards this exciting path.



Extensive Hypnotherapy training at the Palo Alto School of Hypnotherapy 

Dorthy Tyo

Medical, Advanced, Clinical, Spirit Release, Life Regression, EFT (Emotional Freedom technique)


Training with credits

  • The body keeps the score

       Bessel Van Der Kolk-San Jose 

  • RITMO (Retraitement de l'Information Traumatique par les mouvements Oculaires)

       French variation of EMDR (Eyes Movement Desensitization and         


       Lily Ruggeri-Paris

  • Einophonie Hypnosis and vocal exercises Benjamin Genard/Bernard Sensfelder-Toulouse

  • Walking the Shaman's path Patricia Buffalo-Santa Cruz Mountain


Previous Education and Experience

15 years working with children and teens as Art Teacher-Paris and San Francisco.

8 years as Art Director in two starts up in San Francisco


Agregation d`Art

Double master in Science of Education and Art

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