What to expect during my first hypnosis session?

You have heard of it, you know someone who had a good experience, or you read an article. You noted that the results could be fast and that there was nothing to fear.

And then you didn't think about it until, in your life, you reached a limit. A limit, where you realized you can`t keep going this way! Things have to change!

And at that moment, you remember this friend or this article who talked about hypnosis and you made an appointment.

You have taken the first and arguably the most important step.

Why? Because by making an appointment, you made a deal with yourself. The deal to get better, to get well. You connected with your inner guide.

And you won't be disappointed! Because by choosing hypnosis, you are choosing your inner self as an ally in your change.

Imagine, the captain of a club which must constitute its team. It looks at the potential members. Some are in good shape, some not. You are not particularly trained, not particularly fit.

All these years the captain never chose you, you were always the last to be picked on a team. You were there but no one would seem to notice your efforts. It demoralized you and made you lose confidence. You've curled up until you stopped believing in yourself.

But this time, a spark in your eye, you step forward, and the captain notices you. He sees your determination; you have to play, and he feels it. That's it, he sees you. You are the first chosen. He is there. He supports you and he won't let you down.

Voila. The captain of this team is you. And the player is you too.

The gleam in your eyes is the impulse to make an appointment, to get better, to be well, to live a life that gives you deep meaning. It is the ardent belief that a better life is at the tips of your hands.

The captain who supports you is your inner guide. When you contact a hypnotherapist, you are contacting your inner guide.

The hypnotherapist is really doing nothing more than creating space for your inner guide to manifest.

The player is the one who soaks his shirt, who struggles with his experiences and his needs. The player is a wounded child who has grown up, invaded by fear, sadness or anger. He struggles to stay upright, for his survival.

During a hypnosis session, the two parties meet.

The one who fights and the one who guides. One let go of the burden of suffering.

And the one who guides, lets infuse her wisdom, her kindness.

The two parties communicate over the different appointments. Get to know each other. Make room for each other. There's not much to do, just close your eyes and let go.

Let go towards areas where the self reaches beyond the self, where the world resonates.

The inner guide takes over, infusing its warmth into each of your cells.

And the suffering locked up in the body and the heart dares to come out until it completely disappears. The being is then able to adopt new paths, new habits.

In a hypnosis session, light chases away the dark clouds.

The balm covers the scars.

Laughter fills the space and smiles open the heart.

Sweet scents, colors, light on the skin and hair in the wind.

Life comes back in a world that has stopped growing for so long.

The past belongs to past.

And the present is to be lived in confidence.

A new feeling inside of not being alone.

A temple of love in oneself and around.

Over the course of the hypnosis appointments, the inner guide traces a path.

A path you know to trust

because it is aligned

with your heart, your body, your soul.

in the present time.