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Hypnotherapy for deep change

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Are you struggling with pain, fear, frustration or emotional discomfort?

Tap into your subconscious for lasting and transformative results


Do you find yourself in a situation wanting change, but it feels impossible?

Are you ready to make positive changes in your life?

We offer a calm, safe and effective means to guide you towards your goals via the following methods: 

Hypnotherapy in Studio

Walk In Nature Guided Sessions
(WINGS) for Individuals

Walk In Nature Guided Sessions
(WINGS) for Groups

Guided Hypnosis can help you with a wide range of physical and psychological issues, including:

Whether you're considering hypnotherapy in Studio or Walk in Nature Guided Sessions  for individuals or groups, we are here to help.

Give us a call to see if working together would be a good fit for you.

Christine is a remarkably gifted hypnotherapist – she’s calming, empathic, extraordinarily insightful and reassuring. I suffered from a physical injury and tried everything. After just one session, Christine was able to  guide me to release the anxiety I had around my injury and it released much of the tension and pain I was feeling and allowed me to awaken relaxed. If you want results to help you overcome an obstacle in your way, whether physical, mental or emotional, Christine is an ideal resource.

B. San Francisco, CA

Being out in nature with Walk In Nature Guided sessions gave me a sense that I could release my emotions and nature would transmute it without hesitation. Physical space and environment are very valuable for those who feel that what they are dealing with is too heavy to be discussed in a confined space. this approach gave me  permission to surrender and trust.  It felt like I had a psychedelic experience without the substance. 

 D. San rafael, CA

Think of Walk In Nature Guided Sessions as a walk with your higher self. But instead of being alone, you have Christine guiding you. She has a way to rally our strength and remind us that we are all spiritual warriors.


M. Larkspur, CA

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